Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 3/14

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Cold and chill, bless the Lord,
frost and chill, bless the Lord,
hoarfrost and snow, bless the Lord.
Praise and exalt him above all forever...
(Daniel 3:67)

Well, I've had it with snow, Lord,
and I've had it with the cold
and I've had it with this winter!

All this snow gets in my way,
slows me down, disrupts my life,
narrows my path and freezes my plans...

So where's the blessing, Lord?
Where's the blessing
in the cold and chill?
What blessing comes with frost and snow?
Where's the blessing in this  never-ending
slippery, sloppy season?

Help me find a blessing, Lord,
in the storms I can't control,
in blasts that chill my nights and days
and make the going rough -
whichever way I turn...

Help me find the blessing, Lord,
in the frost and ice and cold -
when warmth is all I want
and what I need
and what I long for...

Help me find your blessing
when I'm blinded by the sleet
and buried in the snow banks,
begging for a season's change
within and all around me...

Oh, your blessings come, I know,
as often in the winter as in spring,
as surely in the snow as in the sunshine,
in February just as well as April, May and June...

But I can't wait for spring, Lord,
so help me find the wintry blessings
you must have in store for me
to warm my shivering soul...

Help me bless you in the cold
and praise you in the snow:
make me patient 'til the spring arrives
with the warmth for which I long...

Help me bless you, Lord, and praise you
through the seasons of the year;
help me bless you, Lord, and praise you
in the seasons of my soul...



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  1. While I am not a fan of snowstorms, I do look at them as God´s way of forcing many of us to just stop and take advantage of some quiet. Refreshed by that quiet when you get to the shoveling and plowing engage and/or help a neighbor. Thanks Lord for helping me to slow down and marvel at the beauty of the earth as well as the joy of being still with you.


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