Image: George Mendoza

I offer you this day, Lord,
its morning, noon and night
and I offer all I've planned:
my hopes and expectations 
of what this day will be...

And I offer this day's surprises,
its unknown twist and turns,
and all the ways that life's events
will rearrange or absolutely scuttle
what I've so carefully planned...

And I offer with this prayer, Lord,
the weeks and months to come:
times that lie beyond my reach,
spaces on a calendar, waiting
to be filled with what will be...

And tomorrow, Lord, I turn 71
so I offer you the rest of my life,
however long or short it be -
though longer than shorter
would be very fine with me...

I offer you the rest of all my days:
may they be happy, holy and healthy:
may I live them in your grace
as I make my way to you, Lord, 
as I make my way, home to you...


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1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday, Father Fleming. Though Spring is lagging behind, may you continue to have a spring in your step and sunshine in your spirit.


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