Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 4/14

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Spring is taking its own sweet time getting here.  Along with others, I'm doing my own share of complaining about the snow and the cold while I wait for warmer days and a greening of the landscape.  Well, yesterday was warm and, for part of the day, sunny!

Still, it strikes me that there's some similarity between my impatience with the weather and my impatience in prayer. Thus, today's Pause for Prayer...
I ask for a lot, Lord, and I complain
(if only to myself, as if you couldn't hear me)
when I think that you've been slow
to hear my prayer and answer me
- just the way I want...
And often I miss (or I'm not satisfied)
when you send hints and buds of promise
assuring me: you're on the case,
you've heard my plea,
you're answering my prayer
in your good time and wisdom...

Open my eyes to see, Lord,
the ways you slowly, surely move
within my heart and through my days:
help me notice every sign
of how you're with me,
walking by my side,
and answering all my prayers
in your good time and wisdom...

Keep me grateful for the gifts you've given
and mindful of the ways you keep your word
to guard and guide me, holding me and keeping me
safe, within the palm of your own hand...


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