Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 4/26

not just once but twice, Lord,
I had a moment when I knew,
deeply and without a doubt:
   that you were right by my side;
   that you love me,
      with no strings attached;
  that you have my back,
      no matter what might come my way;
   that I have nothing to fear;
   that the peace you promise
      is already hidden in my heart...

Deeply and without a doubt, Lord,
I knew that you're my God
and that I belong to you...

Would that such moments came more often, Lord!
Or better: would that when such moments come
I might more readily and quickly perceive them,
see them, enjoy them, take them to heart
and treasure them...

But I'm grateful such a moment came
not just once, but twice in the same day
and I pray, Lord,
you'll share moments just like these
with all my readers
and with my family and my friends
that they might know,
deeply and without a doubt,
how much you love us,
how close you are,
how real is the peace you offer...



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