Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 4/5

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Yesterday I visited the traveling Dead Seas Scroll exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science - a great experience that was as spiritual as it was educational.  At the end of the exhibit is a large wall (see photo just below) reminiscent of the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.  There, pilgrims write prayer notes and insert them in cracks in the wall (see photo above).  

On the bottom level of the exhibit wall is a three ton stone from the wall in Jerusalem.  Museum visitors are invited to write prayer notes and insert them in the exhibit wall.  These notes will eventually be taken to Jerusalem and placed there in the Western Wall.

Please know that my prayer note included the people of my parish, my blog and FaceBook readers and a number of individuals with particular needs.  This experience was also the inspiration for today's Pause for Prayer.

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Yesterday, Lord, with a pencil in hand
I wrote you a note, entrusting to your care
the people, the many people
whose claim upon my heart and mind
runs deep and owns a portion of my soul...

With care I folded my note
and slipped it in the crevice of a wall
in a museum in Denver, Colorado,
trusting its plea would speed to you
long before it made its way to another wall,
in Jerusalem, some 7,000 miles away...

A million notes a year, they say,
are crammed in cracks in the Western Wall
but that's nothing, Lord,
compared to all the prayers and pleas
wedged in every corner, every cranny,
every chamber of your heart
cleft for us in pardon, love and mercy...

So, read my prayer and hear my prayer,
entrusting to your care, O Lord,
all those whose claim upon your heart
runs deep and waits an answer...

Receive the pleas of all who trust
you read and hear each prayer
we slip into the Wall
and hide within your heart, 
waiting on your answer, Lord,
waiting on your pardon, love and mercy...


(Another view of the 3 ton stone from the Western Wall
in the traveling Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit) 

Image source


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