Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 5/1

Photo by CP

I guess you saw how excited I was,
how hopeful, Lord,
when I found this lone stray tulip
just by my porch door...

If my joy was out of proportion to its source
that's just a sign of how I long
for spring, for warmth,
for a season's change...

It didn't take much, Lord,
to rouse, ignite and stoke my hope
that warmer times, even summertime,
are truly on their way...

So when when I long for greater gifts,
for peace of mind and heart,
for a season's change within,
then plant outside my soul's porch door
a lone stray tulip
to rouse, ignite and stoke my hope
that you will change what I cannot
and bring to bloom the peace
for which I long...



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