Monday Morning Offering: 5/21

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

When it comes to some things, Lord,
I'm so slow to learn!

At my age, after all these years,
you'd think I would have figured out,
would have accepted the reality,
that no amount of worry or fear on my part
will change the things that trouble and disturb me....

In fact, worry and fear about this or that
only add to my anxiety about things in general!

And I know all the clever things they say about worry:

Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair:
it gives you something to do
but it doesn't get you anywhere...

Worrying doesn't take away
tomorrow's troubles,
it takes away
today's peace...

Most of the things you worry about
never end up happening...

Worrying is using your imagination
to create something you don't want...

You can't change yesterday
but you can ruin today
by worrying about tomorrow...

will never change
the outcome...

And you said it best of all, Lord:
"Don't worry about your life.
Which of you by worrying 
can add a single hour to your life's span?
If even something small is beyond your power,
why do you worry about the rest?  
Oh you of little faith! Stop worrying!"
(see Luke 12)

You counsel me not to worry, Lord,
and instead to entrust all my burdens,
my troubles and my fears
into your hands, into your care...

Of course I have to take responsibility
for what I can do and what I can change 
but worry about even these things
bears no extra fruit...

So this morning I offer you, Lord, 
all my worries and fears
- and yes, even that one!

I place my worries in your hands,
all the while praying that all shall be well,
that all shall be well,
that all manner of things shall be well...

And I offer another prayer this morning, Lord:
when disappointment comes my way,
when things don't go as I had hoped,
when the answer to my plea
is not what I had prayed for,
then give me strength
to accept what I cannot change
and to trust that in all things
and at all times,
you are by my side,
you have my back,
you lead and guide me,
you will, at last, bring me peace...

Today, Lord, give me the peace and relief,
the comfort and consolation,
the serenity
of really and truly letting go into your hands 
at least some of my worry and fear...

Help me trust that your love,
having brought me safe thus far,
will safely bring me home...



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