Monday Morning Offering: 5/7

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

As this week begins, Lord,
I offer you my intention and my hope
to be more faithful to prayer in the days ahead
than I was in the days just past...

I offer you this coming week’s struggles:
those I expect and those I’ve yet to discover
- and I pray for your help
in making my way through my troubles...

I offer you the joys that will be mine this week,
especially any that will take me by surprise
- and I thank you in advance
for your blessings and your gifts...

I offer you my prayer that in the days ahead
I’ll be generous, generous in responding
to the needs of those around me:
generous with my time, my treasure and my talent...

Even before it begins to unfold:
I offer you the mystery of the week before me, Lord,
help me find your wise and quiet presence
in those curious, mystical, secret ways
I know you’ll come to meet me,
to lead me and to guide me...

I offer you my thanks and praise
for having brought me safe thus far
and pray, O Lord, you help me still
to walk in peace this day, this week:
to walk in peace with you...



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