Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 5/12

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This past week I hit a rough patch, Lord,
and I know you know
just what I'm talking about...

But I got through it,
or over it,
or around it
- and came out on the other side...

A rough patch, Lord,
but as I look back now I can see more clearly
that there were smooth stretches, too,
simple things like walking outdoors yesterday
and the clean spring air filling my lungs
and my heart and my soul
with the bracing breath of your presence...

So, a rough patch, Lord
amid the simple and the smooth...

Too often, Lord, I miss the smooth
because I'm so focused on the rough:
help me see the good times
as clearly as I see the hard times...

And since I'm praying here in public,
I want to lift up anyone
whose yesterday was all rough spots
(or at least for them that's how it seemed)...

Give these same folks, Lord, this day
some smoother runs
and help them see -
not miss them...

Rough or smooth
I know you're with me, Lord,
as you are with us all:
guide us through the rough times,
open our eyes to the good times
and walk with us, we pray,
at all times...



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