Monday Morning Offering 6/11

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Yesterday, Lord, there were a couple of hours
when all was well, when all things were well -
and although I was very busy,
maybe even a little stressed, still
I was at peace
with you, with those around me
and with myself...

For those blessed hours, Lord,
I give you thanks and praise
for the grace that brought all things together
and gathered so many people as one
in prayer, in rejoicing, in song
and in communion with you...

Not all days, not every hour,
can be as peaceful as was this time, Lord,
and yet I think - in fact, I believe -
there are many more hours just like these
but worries and concerns, fears and distractions
blur my vision of what's within me and around me
- and so often, too often, Lord,
I miss the grace of your Spirit
alive and moving in my life in so many ways...

Chase away what clouds my thoughts, Lord:
help me perceive more often and more clearly
the ways you move so gracefully
through my nights and days...

Focus my attention on those around me
and help me see their beauty,
help me enjoy their spirit,
help me discern the unique and varied ways they mirror you,
reflecting your divine image shining in each:
in every man, woman and child on my path...

Lord, free me from what haunts my heart
and weighs upon my soul:
help me, heal me, hold me
and refresh me with your grace...

Let me breathe in deeply the sweetness of your Spirit,
blowing like a warm breeze in June,
refreshing and cleansing me
from the inside out...

Prepare me, Lord, for your gifts of grace and beauty,
and for peaceful hours blessed by your touch, your presence
and the joy of your being in and among your people...

Open me, Lord:
open my eyes and ears, my heart and soul,
my imagination and my desire;
open me up to all the ways you fill my nights and days
with your peace and presence -
especially in moments of unexpected joy...

I offer you this morning my thanks and praise
for moments, even hours so peaceful
that only you, in your love,
could have crafted them
and led me to the joy they offer...

Help me welcome you, Lord:
do in me what needs to be done
lest I miss a moment of all you have in store for me
this Monday morning, all this day
and through the week ahead...


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