Monday Morning Offering: 6/18

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

As you know, Lord,
I'm writing this on Sunday night,
sitting on my porch by some candle light
with a mild breeze brushing my bare arms
as your Spirit brushes my soul...

But the peace of the moment is burdened
by the rancor, anger and division
kindled by the daily news
and the plight of those who have no porch or home
where they might shelter and find rest...

The issues are neither as easy as
some would make them out to be
nor so complex
that they couldn't be resolved
without causing further hurt and harm...

I offer you this sad story, Lord,
and pray for your wisdom
to help those on all sides
work to find a way, a middle way,
respectful of the most vulnerable
and respectful of the laws and rights
of everyone involved...

I lift up our shameful name calling,
our hatred of people we've never met,
our prejudice in favor of our own stances,
our failure to listen to your word,
and our rush to judgment on issues
about which we might know next to nothing...

Give us your counsel, your wisdom, your insight, Lord...

Give us the strength we need
to stand firm for what we believe...

Give us a compassion for the truly poor
and an empathy to override our selfishness and greed...

Give us the will to act with courage
when we hear the cry of the poor...

Give us a respect for just laws, statutes that protect
both those whose tables overflow with feasting
and those who ask that we make room at ours
for them, their children and their needs...

Give us hearts fashioned after your heart, Lord:
hearts neither slow nor unafraid
to empty themselves out for those in need,
hearts ready to name the truth,
to stand by those who ask a share
of all we have...

Give us hearts ready to open wide 
to receive those with no place to go,
no home to call their own,
no food to give their children,
no strength to bear their burdens
and little hope beyond the welcome
we might, in your name, offer...

Lord, I'm offering you the mess we're in,
begging for you to pardon our sins
and to heal and mend anything and everything
that keeps us apart,
that keeps us from welcoming you
when you come knocking on our door
seeking a place in our hearts
and in our neighborhoods,
all brothers and sisters in your name...

Deliver us, Lord, we pray, from every evil
and graciously grant peace in our days
that by the help of your mercy,  
we may be always free from sin 
and safe from all distress, 
as we await the blessed hope 
and the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ
who knocks on our doors
and on the doors of our hearts...

Make us just and generous,
compassionate and challenging
and faithful and fair
in all that we do... 

Receive our morning offering, Lord,
and open us to any and all the gifts
you might leave on our hearts' door steps
and at the borders of our nation's land...


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