Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 6/22

I was more than happy yesterday, Lord,
to welcome the equinox, the first day of summer,
the longest day of the year -
but then I realized that beginning today
the days get shorter - only incrementally,
but shorter nonetheless...

If I were a house plant, Lord,
the little care card in the pot would read:
"Enjoys direct sunlight!"

So the thought of shorter daylight
isn't a happy thought at all...

Maybe I need to remember
that beginning last December
the days have been lengthening - incrementally,
but getting longer every day nonetheless...

Time moves so slowly, Lord,
and time moves so quickly -
and much of the time I'm not sure
if it's moving fast or slow!

Like so many things in life, Lord,
the change in sunlight is gradual,
hardly noticeable, until I look back
and see how much has changed,
how much is changing
and how quickly -and- how slowly
come the changes in my life...

Help me not worry about the day's length
on just the second day of summer, Lord!

Help me take this summer
just one day at a time,
each warm, bright, gorgeous summer day
a gift from you...

So thank you, Lord,
for the gift of yet another summer
and for plenty of direct sunlight
shining down upon us
with the light and warmth and joy
that only you can give...



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