Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 7/1

I remember how just a few days ago, Lord,
I was so impatient with the rainy weather,
with the day lilies at my front door
- and with you, Lord! -
when it seemed the three of you were conspiring
to keep me from enjoying summer's sun
and warmth and beauty...

And now, just a few days later,
I see so clearly how patient you were
with the weather,
with the lilies -
and with me in my impatience...

In some ways, Lord,
we're all day lilies at your front door
and you alone know how long it will take
to bring us to bloom...

As you are patient in all things, Lord,
help me be patient
with you,
with the weather,
with the flowers in my garden,
with my neighbor
and with myself...

In your good time, Lord,
you work with the climate of our lives
and bring us to bloom
just when the time is right...

In your good time, Lord,
bring me to full growth
and let me patient, too,
with all the other flowers
in the garden at my front door...



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