Monday Morning Offering: 7/23

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

How I wish that yesterday, Sunday,
had been like Saturday, Lord:
bright, sunny, just warm enough and not at all humid,
as perfect a day in July as you might create
and I might enjoy...

But despite its name,
Sunday was cloudy
and rainy and muggy, too,
and not what I'd pray for in mid-July
when perfect days are what I ask,

what I hope for
and what I know you have in store!

Still, this cloudy Sunday had its moments
and for these I offer thanks and praise this morning...

I offer thanks for the rain
drenching, washing and nourishing
the plants by my front door -
they needed it...

I offer you my gratitude
for all who came to worship yesterday
and I'm well aware that rainy weather was a factor,
a detour from the beach, keeping people home
and bringing people home to you and to your table...

I offer you my thanks
for an unexpected lunch and conversation with a friend
on a lazy humid afternoon,
our lighter schedules freeing us
to talk and laugh and listen to each other
and to you...

I offer you my thanks for time to sit out on my porch
and catnap in my rocking rocker,
the clouds a shade drawn fast against the sun,
or a coverlet, wrapping me in muted grays,
lulling me to sleep and rest
and then some time for prayer...


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