Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 7/27

Photo by CP

Just sitting on my porch,
   rocking in my chair and writing this prayer
   'neath the light of a near full moon:
a moon lit prayer for the morning, Lord,
   when the sun comes up and folks come 'round
to pause for prayer, here on my page,
   in the virtual chapel of my blog...

Some will be here early, Lord,
   long before I stir from my bed,
and others will drop in later
   when time allows or some need calls
and it's time for prayer, time to pause
   and pass some time with you...

That's just what I'm doing now, Lord:
taking time to pause at the end of the day:
to sit with you and thank you
   for all of this day's blessings;
to sit with you and ask you
   to pardon this day's sins;
to sit with you and praise you
  for  always being with me
especially in those moments when I
   ignore you, neglect and forget you
      and act like I don't know you...

You're here every night, Lord, waiting for me,
   you'll be there in the morning before I rise:
you read every thought I had today,
   you heard every word I said,
you know every hope, every dream that's mine
   as you know just as well every fear I own...

More faithful than the sun above
   you rise and set in my heart each day
and brighter than the fullest moon
   your light in my darkness leads the way...

Be here when we rise, when we pause for prayer
   and open our eyes to your presence Lord;
walk through this day, stay right by our side
   till the moon comes out to sing us to sleep...



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