Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/12

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The patience of others always amazes me:
   the seeker, patiently searching for truth;
   the dreamer, patient for what's not yet;
   the sick one, waiting patiently to get well;
   the mother, patient with her fussing child;
   the athlete, patiently training to win;
   the angler, patiently waiting for a bite;
   the spouse, patient with an impatient spouse;
   the instructor, patient with a the pupil's efforts;
   the student, patient with finding an answer;
   the grieving, patiently waiting for peace;
   the friend, patient with an unfaithful friend;
   the suffering, patient with ongoing pain;
   the parent, patient with a child's growth;
   my parishioners and friends, patient with me and my mistakes;
   anyone, patient with the unknown, the unpredictable,
      the unmanageable, the unchangeable;
   God, patient with me so slow to change my ways...

Give me patience, Lord,
in my mind and heart,
in my words and deeds:
   with those around me,
   with my own limitations,
   and with this day's troubles...

Give me patience, Lord,
and in your mercy be patient with me,
be patient with me today...



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