Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/31

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There are lots of reasons to want to go on vacation:
to get away from work, from the busyness,
from the day to day and the familiar...

I look forward to all of that
but I'd like a vacation from other things, too,
and I wouldn't have to travel an inch
for a vacation like this...

I'd like a vacation from bad news, Lord,
especially reports of war and violence,
conflict and terrorism, scandal and abuse,
and the tragic news of innocents suffering...

I'd like a vacation from politics' vapid rhetoric
on all sides,
all the empty promises, false hopes
and downright lies -
on all sides, Lord...

I'd like a vacation from the minutia,
the details and crazy foolishness
that rob me of time for
thinking, musing, imagining,
reflecting, praying and spending time
with people I love to spend time with...

I'd like a vacation from anything and everything
that keeps me from spending time with you, Lord,
from growing closer to you, learning more about you,
being faithful to you...

I'd like a vacation from stuff that means little
but nonetheless fills up my day
with distraction, worry and fear...

I'd like a vacation from my own self-importance,
my self-pity, my self-indulgence,
my selfishness,  my self-interest
and my self-deception...

I'd like a vacation, Lord, where I might let go
what burdens and shackles me
what confuses and stymies me,
what obstructs and foils me...

I'd like to vacation with you as companion,
your word as my guide book,
your wisdom my map
and your love my refreshment...

I don't have to go far
to vacation like this, Lord,
so help me make the time
and find a place,
even right where I am,
to vacation with you this summer,
in a place where your peace
is both sunshine and shade...


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