Monday Morning Offering 8/20

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I have so much to offer this morning, Lord -
I hardly know where to begin...

First, I offer you my thanks
for walking with me through this past weekend
and for all the folks along the way
whose presence and words smoothed my path...

And I offer my thanks for your Holy Spirit,
moving in my mind and heart,
in my imagination
and in my fingers at the keyboard:
I pray I followed your lead, Lord,
and didn't too often let my own words
obscure the message of your word and grace...

And I offer you my gratitude, Lord,
for all who came to worship this weekend
and for the assembly of faith you made of us:
your people, gathered to hear your saving word,
to pray in faithful company,
to sing your praise in worship
and to share that holy Supper,
your life laid down for us...

And I want to offer you my thanks
for my sadness and confusion,
for my very mixed and sometimes mixed-up feelings,
for all the emotions stewing within me...

I thank you for these because I believe
this is where you come to meet me,
where you come to meet all of us:
in our gut, in our heart of hearts
and in the hidden places in our hearts
where we most need your healing,
your gentle touch, your firm hand
and the anointing of your grace
to call us to repentance,
to open us to mercy,
to lead us in the paths that lead
to you, to your wisdom, to your peace
and to all you have prepared for us
and all that you might ask of us...

Receive this jumbled offering of my heart, Lord,
and, I pray, lead me and guide me in your ways,
according to your word and will,
along the path you chart for me
today and tomorrow
and in the weeks and months to come...

Be with me, Lord,
when I'm troubled and confused,
in need of your word, your truth and your grace:
be with me, Lord,
I pray...


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