Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/2

Work is what: 
I do and avoid,
love and hate,
need and ignore,
thrive on and put off,
look for and hide from,
want and reject,
relish and despise,
overdo and skip,
share and possess,
quit and begin (again and again)...

Work has power to: 

rule and free me,
weaken and strengthen me,
isolate and connect me,
distract and focus me,
hurt and heal me,
empty and fill me,
push and pull me,
annoy and gratify me,
sap and energize me,
serve and seduce me,
destroy and define me,
delight and sadden me,
dispirit and lift me,
consume and develop me
ruin and save me...

Lord, help me see how my work is

not a curse but a blessing,
not grief but joy,
not servitude but service,
not a hindrance but a help,
a way, a path to you, Lord,who love the work of my hands
when done with love
and offered to you
from a humble, grateful heart...



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