Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/30

Concord Pastor's prayer room

Here's where you wait to greet me in the morning, Lord,
and where you bid me good night at the end of the day...

Here's where I come to pray
and here's where you wait to hear my prayer...

Here's where I come when I've nothing to say
or can't find the words my heart wants to speak...

Here's where I come just to get away
from everyone and everything - except for you...

Here's where I pray for my parish, Lord,
for my family and all of my friends
and here's where I pray for my readers
who pray with me here on my blog...

What a gift is this simple place, Lord,
with just enough room for you and me
and for all those I hold in my heart
when I come to this place to pray,
this place where you wait to hear my prayer...



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