Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 10/12

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Last spring I left my treadmill behind
to take my daily walks in Concord's great outdoors -
but you know that, Lord:
you walked with me every day...

But yesterday, for the first time,
I went walking after dark:
same town, same streets -
a very different experience...

The streets, quiet as a church,
were filled with the sounds of night:
a chorus of fall field crickets chanting Compline,
the hushed brush of leaves on a soft breeze,
the sound of my own steps on the sidewalk...

Like the candles in my chapel at night,
the streetlights, stationary acolytes, gave just enough light
for me to know where I was -
with you, Lord, in your presence,
walking by your side...

After a rainy day, the streets still wet,
sidewalks dotted with the first fallen leaves,
there was a moistness in the air last night,
your Spirit's anointing, reminding me
that night or day, you're with me, Lord,
day and night you're at my side,
before me, behind me, above me,
within me...

In so sacred a streeted sanctuary
I even made peace with autumn,
finally yielding to a season's power
to broker grace and blessing
in my letting goand welcoming whatever comes
for in all that comes, comes you, Lord,
in all that comes, comes you...



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