Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 8/16

Used with permission

Of all great gifts, Lord,
your gift of friendship has pride of place
within my heart of hearts...

Today I thank you for my friends, Lord,
for all of them:

- my old friends, tried and true,
who've been there with me and for me,
through thick and thin, in good times and in bad, 
in sickness and in health...

- and my new friends, Lord,
the ones I've just met and made
but friends I know are keepers!

- and all the friends I've not yet met, Lord...

- and my friends whom I see all the time, Lord:
help me never take them for granted...

- and the friends I see but once or twice a year - or less:
friends not bound by geography or time spent together,
friends I pick up with after months, years apart -
as though I see them every day...

- and friends from my past who've drifted away, 
due not to any cause
aside from the shifting tides of time...

- and my virtual friends, my online friends,
my Concord Pastor friends, my Face Book friends,
friends I may be more "in touch" with 
than my real time friends!

- and my friends who've died, Lord,
whom you've called home,
now held in your strong arms,
at rest, at last, in your deep peace... 

For all these friends I'm grateful, Lord,
and most of all I'm grateful that you're my friend:
you, my brother and redeemer,
you, my savior and shepherd,
you, my hope and joy,
you, my Lord and God,
you, Jesus, my friend,
for ever and ever...



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