Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 8/22

Photo by Eileen Dowdy Beaudoin

We gush over sunsets, Lord,
paying far too little attention to sister moon
in all her lustrous, silver beauty...

The moon, Lord:
your lunar nightlight in the sky
pulling tides from low to high
waxing. waning, month to month,
playing hide-and-seek with me
behind thin veils of feathered clouds...

Your glory never fails, Lord,
your beauty never fades
but burns throughout the night 'til dawn,
keeping vigil in your gracious light:
a light no darkness can extinguish,
no cloud completely cover,
no sundown ever dim or douse...

Shine on me, O Lord,
shine in all your shimmering brilliance:
let no darkness ever hide me
from the light that is my life,
the life that is my peace,
the peace I find in you...



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