Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/17

My friend, Marilyn Mudry, posts 3 personal "gratitudes"on her FaceBook page every day.  These posts never fail to prompt me to reflect on what I'm grateful for in my own life.  Marilyn's post a few days ago has stayed with me and I share it with you as today's Pause for Prayer...


- That I am not a Syrian Kurd,
fleeing with my husband, our children, our grandchildren,
fleeing our world of community
because promises were not kept...

- That I am not an Uighur, one of millions,
illegally held in prison camps
because of my beliefs...

- That I am not an a abused child
in this world of predators...

Some days
as skies glow in the lavender of sunset;
as we hold our grandsons in our arms,
gently rocking and cooing,
food surrounding,
beauty abounding and safety embracing -
some days my heart breaks...

My heart breaks in gratitude
for the 'luck of the draw'
that this piece, this sliver of Earth,
holds me...

And, my heart breaks for those
who raise their arms to GOD and cry,
"Help me! Please, please, please, help me!"


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