Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 11/21

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Thanksgiving is only a week away, Lord,
and so we ask you to make us ready
and make us grateful...

Make us grateful
for all you've given us:
may our desire for more not blind us to all we have...

Make us grateful
for all who love us:
may no grudge or resentment keep us distant
from family and friends, neighbors and colleagues...

Make us grateful
for those who have gone before us:
may their memory enrich our gratitude
and lift our hearts from grief...

Make us grateful
for those who are with us;
may nothing keep us from their loving embrace...

Make us grateful for the good work we have done:
may our mistakes and failures not weigh us down
or blind us to your mercy...

Make us grateful
for the freedom we enjoy:
may we never take it for granted...

Make us grateful
for the peace we find in you, Lord:
let nothing ever take its place...

Make us grateful
for our dreams and aspirations:
let no dismay or disappointment:keep us from hope...

Make us grateful, Lord,
for our faith in you;
let doubt never keep us from trusting in you...

Make us grateful
for the bounty of our cupboards and tables:
keep us mindful of those who have much less...

Make us grateful
for any graces and blessings we take for granted:
help us miss not a one of your gifts to us...

Make us grateful, Lord:
move our hearts to thank you:
in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health,
in plenty and want, in sorrow and in joy...

Thanksgiving's a day that you've made, Lord:
may we be glad and rejoice when it comes,
gratefully praising your generous love!


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