Monday Morning Offering: 12/23

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

It’s almost the hour, Lord,
the time when we give one another gifts
- on your birthday: forgive us
for getting that mixed up again this year
- as we do every year!

So, there's lots of wrapping going on:
paper and foil, gift bags and boxes,
tags and tape, ribbons and bows…

Seems that everyone’s wrapped up in wrapping
so what I offer you this morning, Lord,
are all the things I’m wrapped up in
- that need unwrapping...

• I get wrapped up so easily in little things
while the big things that matter go undone…
Unwrap me, Lord, and keep me faithful
to what deserves my first attention...
• I get wrapped up in things that waste my time
and time is one of my most precious possessions…
Unwrap me, Lord, and make me a better steward
of my days and nights, my work, my play and my rest…
• I get wrapped up in daydreams and fantasies
and leave untended the realities I don't want to face...
Unwrap me, Lord, and sharpen my vision
of what’s real and what will help me truly grow…
• I get wrapped up in desires
 for what I should not or cannot have…
Unwrap me, Lord, and give me a hunger
for what truly nourishes and satisfies…
• I get wrapped up in hurt and anger
that sap my energy for generously reaching out...
Unwrap me, Lord, and free my heart
to be with others and to do for others…
• And I wrap myself up in my self -
I'm all wrapped up in me: 
in my fears and my worries, 
in my self-pity and disappointments... 
Unwrap me, Lord,
and let me see the blessings that are mine:
all the gifts of your love, your word, your presence,
your mercy and your strength...

Unwrap me, Lord,
so that others can know and enjoy my gifts...

Unwrap me, Lord,
so that nothing hides me from you,
from your love
and from the love of those around me...
I have Christmas gifts for others, Lord,
but it’s your birthday that's coming,
so I offer you the gift my unwrapped heart
my opened faith, my unsealed trust…
Unwrap me, Lord,
I need your help,
for I can't unwrap myself...



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