Pause or Prayer: SATURDAY 2/15

 February Late Afternoon From Bordeaux by Roger Colson

On Friday mornings I set out for Bridgewater,
returning on 24 North, late in the afternoon...

On yesterday's homebound drive
I couldn't miss or fail to be grateful, Lord,
for the lengthening of days:
sunset now a full hour later
than back on late December's solstice...

Earth's slow, shadowed sun dance reminds me, Lord,
of the sure and steady way you live and stir and move
in my mind, my heart and soul...

I may not notice all the ways your faithful presence,
your light and warmth,
bless me from the inside out and all around
- so open me to moments, Lord,
when your grace reveals the sure and steady way
you accompany my journey
day by day, week by week, month by month
through all the seasons of my life...



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