Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 3/8

Way too often, Lord, 
I'm so busy and distracted 
or stuck in my past 
or worried about tomorrow
that I miss 
how you're moving in my life,
I miss 
what you're doing in my life,
I miss 
how you're acting in my life 
and I miss all the new ways  
you're caring for me 
and calling me 
to deeper trust in you...

Your love springs forth

but I don't see it, 
I don't recognize it
I don't perceive it: 
I miss it...

So, slow me down, Lord,

get my attention 
and rescue me from living in the past
and from my worries and fears of tomorrow: 
open my eyes and my heart so I won't miss again
what you're doing in my life, here and now 

This is the day you've made, Lord,

this is the day I have, 
the day I live,
the only day at hand:
in this day let me rejoice, Lord,
on this day let me at peace,
on this day help me 
perceive, recognize, see and accept
all the ways you're moving in my life


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