Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 3/26

Coronavirus: magnified 120,000X

It's amazing, Lord,
how something microscopic,
invisible to the naked eye,
how something so small, so tiny,
how something so indiscernible
has the power to humble the world
and bring us all to our knees...

It's amazing, Lord,
how we who think ourselves so wise and intelligent,
rational and perceptive,
resourceful and knowledgeable -
find ourselves confounded and baffled
by something as microscopically simple
as a virus...

It's amazing, Lord,
how we who count ourselves fit as a fiddle,
fortified, healthy and strong,
how easily we're taken by surprise,
invaded, laid low - susceptible
to an enemy's invisible stealth...

Humbled, outwitted and vulnerable,
we come to you Lord praying for your grace,
for your wisdom and your strength,
praying you'll protect, deliver and save us
from what we can't see,
what we don't understand,
from what seeks to rob us of the life we cherish
and the blessed peace that's only yours to give...



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