Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 3/5

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You love me unconditionally, Lord, and I know that!
So, you'd think I wouldn't, even for a moment, forget such a gift
- but I do, often...

Will you forgive me, Lord?

Yes, you do forgive me: freely, fully - and at a moment's notice!
In fact, you're poised to forgive me even before I screw up!
And sometimes, Lord, I take advantage of your generous mercy...

Will you forgive me, then, still one more time?

Your patience with my laziness is endless, Lord!
When I'm taking my own sweet time, dragging my feet and stalling
you wait me out until, finally: I speak, I act, I do the next right thing...

Forgive my impatience, Lord, especially when I'm impatient with you...

My life is all gift, all grace, Lord.
Nothing I do deserves or merits your patient, merciful, love
- which so often, too often, I take for granted...

May I presume then, Lord,
you'll forgive my presuming on your kindness?

In your mercy, Lord, with your tireless patience,
open my eyes, my ears and my thoughts to all you offer:
the gift of love with no strings attached...



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