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I've been writing this blog for over 12 years.  Prayers I've written have always been part of my work here and since Lent of 2012 I've offered a prayer post seven days a week.  These prayers are published in the morning and often focus on the day ahead.  One faithful reader has often encouraged me to write a Night Prayer for later in the day.  I've always liked that idea but was unsure if I could find the extra time that would require.

Well, my position as a senior vicar generally affords me more time and our current "stay at home" lifestyle gives me even more time.  And it just might be that in our present circumstances we might all need a little prayerful help at the end of day.  So, beginning this evening (April 2) I'm going to give this a try, publishing a daily Night Prayer post.  These posts will vary, night to night, but will also hold to what will become, I hope, a familiar form, one that readers will appreciate like a favorite pair of slippers one puts on at the end of day.  I'll try, each evening, to add a song as well.  This won't be quite a lullaby but I'll be choosing songs I hope might help us pray as we bid the day goodbye and hope for some peaceful rest.

This will be a trial period.  I pledge to provide a daily Night Prayer at least until the "stay at home" regulations are relaxed.  At that point, and with an eye to your response, I'll take stock and decide whether or not to continue.

Watch for the first Night Prayer to post sometime after 6:00 tonight.


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