NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 4/11

I'm going to bed, 
hoping for deep sleep,
on this night of all nights when,
* at a time known only to heaven,
you rose from the dead...

This is the night, Lord,
which restores to grace 
and unites in holiness
all who believe in you....

This is the night
whose light pierces the darkness
and rescues us from sin...

This is the night
when you broke the chains of death
and rose in victory from the grave!

The power of this holy night 
dispels all evil, 
washes guilt away, 
restores lost innocence, 
brings mourners joy; 
casts out hatred,
brings us peace, 
and humbles earthly pride. 

This is the night truly blessed
when heaven is wedded to earth 
and creation is reconciled with God!

So I shall sleep in peace,
trusting that even in the dead of night
your life beats within me
and that I, too, shall rise:
when morning dawns tomorrow;
and at the end of all my days;
and when you, Lord, come again,
and death shall be no more!


* For those who may not recognize it, much of 
the imagery in this Night Prayer comes from the
older translation of the Exsultet, the opening
song of the Easter Vigil


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