Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 5/30


Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday:
we'll remember and celebrate the Holy Spirit
descending on the first believers.
When you were confirmed, when you received the Holy Spirit,
the bishop prayed these words over you and your friends:
Loving God, Father of Jesus,
Send your Spirit upon your sons and daughters
   to be their helper and guide. 
Give them the spirit of wisdom and understanding, 
   the spirit of right judgment and courage, 
   the spirit of knowledge and reverence. 
Fill them with the spirit of wonder and awe in your presence.  
The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit complement one another and work to make us like clay in the potter's hands, that God might mold and shape us as he created us to be... At different times, in different ways we need all of the Spirit's gifts...  Today's prayer invites us  each to remember the Spirit's gifts and ask for them to be refreshed within us...

Let us pray...
Come, Holy Spirit,
and fill my heart once again
with the fire and power of your gifts…

Come, Holy Spirit,
and with wisdom help me know what’s true and real
help me to see through God's own eyes...

Come, Holy Spirit,
and with understanding light my way,
especially when I'm not sure what my faith is asking of me...

Come, Holy Spirit,
and be my beacon of right judgment
when the choices before me are difficult to make...

Come, Holy Spirit,
and kindle in my soul the courage I need
when I'm anxious, doubtful and afraid...

Come, Holy Spirit,
and give me knowledge of God’s plan for me
when I have no plan for myself...

Come, Holy Spirit,
turn my mind and heart to God in reverence 
when I'm in need of prayer...

Come, Holy Spirit, 
and in awe and wonder stir my heart’s desire
to seek and find God in all things...

Come, Holy Spirit,
fill my mind and heart with your light and gifts
and fill my soul with your breath of peace…



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