Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 6/4

The moon over Waverly Oaks Road: photo by CP

Yesterday was a long day, Lord - busy,
not so much with things to do
but with a pulsing, restless hustling
in my mind and heart and soul...

I was, Lord, as they say, preoccupied
with matters large and small,
some important, though not urgent,
and some not worth a fraction
of the time they stole from me...

By late afternoon I'd penned my Night Prayer,
which was, curiously, all about the night time and,
as often is the case, I found some peace in writing,
in praying my heart into words,
then posting my words for others to pray...

And in my prayer there shone your moon,
conspiring with the night
to pull the rise and fall of tides, high and low
in oceans deep and my heart's depths:
your moon protecting, reassuring me,
your presence lighting up the night
and shadows in my soul...

But later there returned, Lord,
that pulsing, restless hustling, 
troubling my serenity, my calm,
my peace, my prayer...

So, needing time with you, we went for a walk
and we talked and I cried and then we talked some more
until  you lifted my face to the sky where I saw
- you'd hung the moon for me;
a glorious moon in June, conspiring with the night,
evening the tides, high and low, 
deep within my heart and in my prayer...

On a Wednesday night, on Waverly Oaks Road,
your moon was mine, Lord, mine alone
and for that time, our walk, our talk, your light,
I give you thanks and praise...



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