Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 8/1

The first day of August - already?  

Way. Too. Soon.

Summer is slipping away 
   (the pandemic hasn't helped!)
and August's debut rudely intrudes 
   on a season I love so much...

Still, this is the day that you've made, Lord:
   August 1, 2020...

And this day's unique 
   in the whole of my life,
   in the lives of my friends,
   in humankind's history
   and, indeed, unique 
      in your mind, Lord...

This day has never dawned before
   and will never come again:
August 1, 2020
   a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

(even -especially- in a pandemic!)...

What would you have me make of this day, Lord?
What would you have me do - or not do?
What would you have me embrace
   and what would you have me set free? 
Where would you have me go 
   what would you have me avoid?
How would you have me spend this day:
   August 1, 2020?

How might I make this a better day
   for all the people whose paths cross mine?
How might I mend, on the day at hand,
   the mistakes I made just a day ago?
What might I do today, Lord,
   to prepare for a peaceful tomorrow? 

And what are your plans, Lord,
   for the 1st of August in 2020?
How will you move and act
   in my life today?
Open me up to all the ways  
   your Spirit will stir within me this day:
      in my mind, in my conscience, 
      in my heart, in my soul,
      and in all of my words and my deeds.
Open me, Lord, to all the ways
   you'll move in my life today...

This is the day that you've made, O Lord,
   August 1, 2020:
      help me rejoice and be glad in this day,
      help me spend this day in your grace
      - and come to its end in your peace...



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