NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 9/21

It happened again today, Lord!
I was sitting in my car at a stop light when I saw him:
an ordinary man, probably in his 40's,
dressed in ordinary clothes, 
standing on the sidewalk,
waiting to cross the street... 
I saw him - and I began to wonder:
   - What's his story?
   - Has he someone in his life to listen to his story?
   - What are his many stories?  
   - How many are happy, how many are sad? 
   - How many of his own stories has he forgotten?
   - Who are the other characters in his stories?
   - How has his story touched theirs? 
   - How have their stories touched his?
(The man crossed the street in front of me
   and the light turned green but my questions didn't stop...) 
   - What ache or loss burdens his heart this morning? 
   - What joy is he bursting to share?
   - What dreams have come true for him?
   - How many of his hopes have been dashed? 
   - What have been his victories?
   - How heavy have been his losses?
   - Who really knows this man?  
   - Who's happy when he's around?
   - Who misses him when he's absent?
   - Who loves him and cares for him?
   - Who does he care for and love?
   - Does he love you, Lord?
   - Does he have any idea how much you love him?
   - Does he speak to you in prayer?
   - Does he trust that you hear and answer his prayer?
And then, as you know, Lord, 
I said a prayer for him...
I've been having these experiences more and more often, Lord 
- and I'm grateful, oh, so grateful!
I'm learning not to judge a book by its cover
but to wonder, to muse, to ponder, to respect
the profound mystery living and breathing,
hurting and healing, laughing and crying
in every human being
whose simple, ordinary path crosses mine...

And I'm grateful, Lord, 
grateful that you know everything about every one of us:
you know us and our stories inside-out,
beginning to end and beyond...

You know us better than we know ourselves;
and - most importantly -
because of, in spite of, regardless of and through
everything that makes each of us the person we are: 
you love us - and you love us fully, freely 
and with mercy all-forgiving...

Keep sending me your Spirit, Lord,
to lead me to wonder, ponder and reverence the mystery 
of everyone I know and meet 
- and anyone I might see standing on the sidewalk,
waiting for the light to change, 
waiting just to cross the street and wander down 
the pathways of my heart and prayer,
right into the story of my life...
Protect me, Lord, as I like awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Two videos for this Night Prayer...
The first is a brief story, not a song, which I found while
looking for a song for this night's prayer - I think it's perfect! 

But if you must have a song, the second video will provide
that for you.  Of course, you can also try both


Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus by Salt of the Sound


Turn your eyes upon Jesus 
Look full in his wonderful face 
And the things of the earth 
Will grow strangely dim 
In the light of his glory and grace 
In the light of his glory and grace


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