NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 10/22


One thing I'm really good at, Lord,
is worrying about tomorrow
and fretting about next week, next month 
- even next year!

And sometimes, Lord, I awfulize the future, 
imagining, fearing, dreading, 
even presuming the worst case scenario
for whatever's ahead of me...

Truth be told, Lord: most of what I worry about
    - simply never happens -
but even that history doesn't keep me 
from spending a lot of my time and energy
stewing and stressing over tomorrow
and whatever it might (or might not) bring...
So, as this day ends, Lord, I want to anticipate,
I want to thank you in advance
for tomorrow's unknown blessings, 
already on their way,
already headed in my direction,
already your gift to me...
Open my mind and heart, Lord,
to expect your healing and blessing,
to trust you hold all my tomorrows
in the palm of your hand...

Help me focus 
not on what troubles may come my way
but on all the unknown blessings
you have in store for me
to lead me, guide me, 
comfort and console me,
mend and heal me, 
guard and protect me...

And should tomorrow indeed be a rough day,
remind in the midst of my trials 
that you are with me,
walking each step of my journey,
right by my side,
taking my hand in yours...

Let me give you thanks tonight, Lord,
for unknown blessings already on their way
from your heart to mine,
from eternity upon my every tomorrow...

Protect me while I lie awake worried
and watch over my restless sleep
that awake, I might keep watch for your blessings
and asleep, rest deep in your peace...


Let Us Give Thanks for Unknown Blessings 
                                                     by Carol Browning

Let us give thanks for unknown blessings already on the way.
Let us give thanks for unknown blessings already on the way.
God holds the future, the present and the past,
so let us give thanks for unknown blessings already on the way. 
See the birds of the air
they neither sow nor reap
yet God will give them food to eat
and God will care for us.
Lilies of the field 
they neither toil nor spin
as they are clothed in glorious light
God gives us what we need.
Do  not fear or fret
our lives are in God's hands
so praise and thanks should be our song
to God, our hope, our home.



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