Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/15

God always surprises us!
- Pope Francis
I could use a few surprises, Lord!
(And I do mean the GOOD kind!)

Surprise me with your showing up
   in places and in people
      where I least expect to find you...

Surprise me with the strength that's mine
   and all the grace you'll give
      to help me through this day...

Surprise me with a deeper faith,
   a greater trust in you
      and in your unfailing presence...

Surprise me with your wisdom, Lord,
   to know what's true from false
      and to do the next right thing...

Surprise me with your mercy and
    the peace that comes from pardon,
        the gift of starting over...

Surprise me with your comfort
   in the time we spend together
      while you listen to my prayer...

Surprise me with a challenge
   and your trust in me to do
      what I thought I never could...

Surprise me with a brave heart,
   unafraid to live this day:
      a heart for new beginnings...

Surprise me in whatever ways
   I need to be surprised today
      by love, by grace, by you...

Just surprise me, Lord, amaze me,
    dazzle and astound me
       in ways that you know best...


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