NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 11/8










I've  been sitting here, Lord,
reflecting on the campaign, the election,
the results,  the aftermath...

Taking a little personal inventory,
I've been trying to remember any times
when you gave me a free pass:
to revile any neighbor
    whom I judge
        to have no redeeming moral qualities...

to malign a brother or sister
    who supports a candidate 
        who doesn't happen to be my candidate...

to slander someone
    on the basis of what I've read
        in all the media that agree with me...

to impugn the motives of others,
    even millions of others,
        based on their party affiliation...
to speak of others
    as I'd want no one to speak of me
        or of anyone I love...
to cut someone out of my life
    because the cut of their politics
        doesn't fit mine...
to bully others into silence
    by my intolerance and scorn
        of people with different beliefs...
to demand respect for my own conscience 
    while failing to reverence
        what others hold dear and sacred...

to injure the feelings of others
    counting them politically expendable,
        strategic collateral damage...
to hate the one who hates my ideas,
    to vilify those on the other side,
        to write off those with opposing views...
But you, Lord, 
you give no free passes for such behavior
but rather, you call me
    to love my neighbor as myself,
    to love my enemies
    and to pray for those who persecute me... 
You make no exceptions for political purposes
    or for election years,
        or FaceBook memes or Twitter sneers:
no exceptions, Lord, just your law
    to love you by loving my neighbor...
Thus, my personal post-election inventory, Lord,
and my prayer for your forgiveness
and the healing of your mercy...
Let the healing begin, Lord,
and let it begin with me...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Psalm 51 by Bob Hurd 

Create in me a clean heart.

Have mercy on me, God, in your compassion.
Remove my sin, wash me from my guilt.
O purify my heart and teach me wisdom,
then I shall be whiter than the snow.
O give me back the joy of your salvation,
a willing spirit sustain in me.




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