Pause for Prayer: ELECTION DAY 11/3/2020

Today's the last chance to vote, Lord,
and I'm wondering: if you were a candidate 
    - would you be elected?      

If you were running for office, Lord,
I know you'd campaign with open and transparent honesty:  
no need for fact-checking your statements and sound bites!     

Your campaign promises would be many:
    - respect for life in all its shapes and forms
    - a peaceful path toward peace
    - justice for those long denied its fruits
    - a humane response to migrants and refugees
    - good jobs for all, for living wages
    - systemic racial equality
    - health care for all in need of healing
    - inclusion of the marginalized and rejected
    - responsible, restorative prison reform
    - care for the earth, our common home
    - casting the power hungry from their thrones
    - and filling the hungry poor with good things…    

But your name's not on the ballot, Lord,
so I pray that today's votes and the millions already cast
speak the collective voice of discerning disciples,
empowered by their faith, prayer,intelligence and conscience
to act in accord with your saving word,
the values of your gospel
and the spirit of your Wisdom...

On the eve of the election I offer you my heart, Lord:
inscribe on it your word of truth, in letters gospel-wide,
bold enough for me to clearly see...     

I offer you my mind, Lord:
bathe my thoughts in wisdom ever ancient, ever new
as I make choices and decisions by your light...

I offer you my will, Lord:
bend, shape, mold and nurture it
with the power of your grace
conforming my heart to your heart's desire...
I offer you my vote, Lord:
may it reflect a wise decision, 
speak a prudent word 
and  hasten in your reign of peace
with liberty and justice for us all... 


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