Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 11/22

I'm home, Lord,
but I'm thinking about sunrise yesterday morning,
my last day on retreat in Gloucester...
There's no seascape in my Belmont window's view
and the sky's not big enough to reveal each morning
how you take out your palette and, with brush to the earth's canvas,
paint yet another version of the new day you have made...
I miss that view, Lord, but take comfort in knowing 
that what my sight lines hide  
is as true and beautiful this morning as it was yesterday,
that no matter where I sleep or wake,
not a day goes by without your rising 
in my mind and heart and prayer 
just as gloriously as you dawn
upon the waters in Brace Cove...

Be my light today, Lord,
and, as I might, 
let me be your light for others...


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