NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 12/11

Advent's all about being ready, Lord,
preparing for your coming,
and just today I caught a glimpse of you,
a Jesus sighting, a peek at your presence,
right by my side...

For just an instant, 
Advent's heavy purple drapes were pulled aside 
and in that moment I saw, I felt, a flash of joy,
a gentle wave of comfort  washing over me
and then, as quickly as it had come,
it seemed to disappear:
but the peace, the relief,
the momentary lifting of my soul into the light of your face
stayed with me and I chose,
and indeed there was a choice,
I chose to cling to what I'd seen, what I'd found,
what I'd been given
- and not to let it go...

So, I put on my hat and coat 
and took a walk with you,
with you by my side, with you in my heart, 
with your peace embedded in my soul
and for a couple miles on this day's journey,
I knew you were, indeed, Emmanuel: God with me...
I truly believe such glimpses, such sightings,
such graced moments come quite often, Lord
- and not just at Advent -
but in my laziness, my distractedness,
my foolish waste of time
I miss your coming, your arrival 
at my side and in my soul...
For today's gift I'm so grateful, Lord,
and I pray your Spirit rouse and wake me
to every time you come into my life, 
Emmanuel: God with me...
And, Lord, I pray your Spirit rouse and waken
family and friends and all who read these words:
nudge us all to sit up and pay attention 
lest we miss even a passing moment
of your arrival, your coming into our lives
with peace, consolation 
and yes, with joy...

Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us as we sleep
that awake, we not miss a moment of your presence
and asleep, rest in the peace you come to share...


Beyond the Moon and Stars by Dan Schutte



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