NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 12/17

I've spent hours, Lord, yesterday and today,
cleaning my rooms, organizing all my stuff,
letting go what long ago I should have pitched...

The yield is threefold, Lord:
   - 19 large bags of trash
   - a cluttered space now all in order
   - a very good feeling deep inside my soul

A friend described my efforts as
preparing a way for the Lord!
While I didn't set out to do just that,
that's just what I've ended up doing!

That good feeling, deep in my soul, 
comes from finding order in the chaos,
from sorting out the clutter
and discovering the peace of places
clear, clean and spare...
More room to breathe, Lord,
more room to move freely, unencumbered,
more room to meet you as
you come to meet me
in these holy Advent days...

More space to prepare a place
where I can welcome you, Lord;
more space to prepare a way for 
you to enter my rooms,  my heart,
my thoughts, my dreams,
and my prayer...
What I've tried to do around me, Lord,
I pray you'll accomplish within me:
prepare a space, a place in my heart
where you might choose to dwell
and prepare a way, 
a highway into my heart
where I might find and welcome you
making your way towards me
this Christmas...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might prepare your way
and asleep, rest in your peace within me...


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