NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 12/23

It's the penultimate day of Advent!
It's the eve of Christmas Eve!
It's the night before the Night Before!
Some might even be tempted to think 
you'll be born on Friday, December 25!
But you broke into human history
more than 2,000 years ago
when your Father spoke his Word of love
with such power and grace
that his Word became flesh:
and you came to dwell among us...

And you've come every day 
and every night
since angels sang your glory
and shepherds came to look, to gawk,
to wonder at what all of this might mean...
And you've come every day
and every night since that night...

You came into my life yesterday, Lord:
did I see you or miss you?
You spoke to me today, Lord:
was I listening or just too busy?
And you'll come into my life
on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:
will I be lost in opening gifts?
will I be grieving what's no longer mine
or will I find your grace again
as I have a thousand times or more

Protect me, Lord, as I fall asleep this eve
and watch over me through the night
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

Evening Song by Norine Braun
Let evening come
To lift me up and open wide
The starry night

The crescent moon with silver horn
I’ll breathe the air
Release the burn

The wisest ones among us
Holds a child’s heart and laughter
Those who bring the sun cannot
Hide it from themselves


One kind word can warm up
Four winter months for us and
I’ll give thanks for things
I am not yet thankful for



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