Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 12/20

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For today's prayer, I offer this song, "The Sweetest Gift," by Craig Aven, written for those grieving the loss of a loved one at Christmas time.  The lyrics say it all: this is the faith that helps believers find hope just when hope is in such low supply.  Here's the background on Craig's song. 

I’m not going to lie. 
Christmas really hurts this time 
Cause you’re not here to celebrate with me. 
Tears fill my eyes. 
And memories flood my mind, 
As I place your ornament upon our tree. 
Although this year I have a broken heart, 
It gives me hope and joy as I remember where you are. 

You’re with the Son of God. 
You’re with the Prince of Peace. 
You’re with the one we’re celebrating 
And that thought amazes me. 
Sometimes I still break down, 
Grieving that we’re apart, 
But the sweetest gift is knowing where you are. 
You’re with the Son of God. 

Got your picture in a frame 
And a stocking with your name. 
Oh God knows it’s been hard letting go. 
And I can’t bring you back, 
But I’ll see you again. 
And oh, that thought is healing to my soul. 
I’ll miss making angels with you in the snow. 
I guess instead you will be singing with them 
All around God’s throne. 


And I know the Christmas season 
Was your favorite time of year. 
You loved to help us decorate our tree. 
But now that you’re with Jesus, 
I can’t imagine how you feel 
Cause He’s the one who bled and died 
Upon the tree for you and me. 


“The Sweetest Gift” written by Craig Aven
Arranged by Jon Schmidt, Chuck Myers, Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson
Craig Aven: Vocals
Jon Schmidt: Piano
Steven Sharp Nelson: Cello


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