NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 1/2

Tomorrow we celebrate your Epiphany, Lord.
So some 2,000+ years ago tonight,
the magi were in striking distance
of where the star had led them:
the home of Mary, Joseph and Jesus...

From the far east they'd traveled,
not so much in faith,
more out of learned curiosity,
seeking a king who had no throne,
no fortune, no palace,
no royal place to lay his head...
Yet, in case the star had told the truth,
they came with costly gifts meant, I'm sure,
to impress and establish good ties
with a Child who would be king,
a Child King who'd call us all 
to be as little children:
the only way, he'd say, 
to know his reign of peace... 
The night before it was then, Lord,
and the magi were so close!
I can imagine their excitement
as they gazed up to the heavens,
to the star that took its shine from him,
the One they sought, the Light of all the world...

Then guide me by the star of faith
and chart my course from far away:
lead me ever closer, by your light,
and bring me to your side...
Give me but a child's faith in you,
the Child born to rule my days,
whose reign is peace and mercy...
Help me find you, Lord, and when I do,
make your heart my resting place
and accept the simple gifts I bring:
my faith, my hope, my love...

What Star Is This? arranged by Jay Althouse
What star is this with beams so bright,
More lovely than the noonday light?
For it announces a newborn king,
Glad tidings of our God to bring.
Now is fulfilled what God decreed,
That from the east a star shall proceed
What outward signs the star displays,
An inward light the Lord conveys.

To God the Father, heav'nly light,
To Christ, revealed on this earthly night,
To God the Holy Ghost we raise
Our never-ending song of praise.
What star is this with beams so bright
More lovely than the noonday light?
A star of wonder that shines so well
On our Lord, Emmanuel,
Our Lord, Emmanuel.


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