NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 1/9

Tonight's the last of Christmas glow,
warm and bright in my study, Lord...

Tomorrow, I'll take my tree down
and carefully wrap the holy family
along with the angel and sheep
from my creche
  - finally bidding farewell to Christmas 2020...
I'm going to miss the little lights on my tree
and the new ornaments I bought this year
to add some much needed color and joy
to these lonely pandemic days...
This year I missed a lot of people, Lord
and so many good times:
   seasonal parties and get-togethers,
   traditional foods and treats,
   crowds and families at the vigil mass
   and the choir's song at midnight...

I'll miss the quiet, unassuming company 
of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
camped out on my mantlepiece,
with their guardian angel, tending her dove
and the sheep asleep not far away...
But you're here, Lord, all the time,
especially when I'm alone
and you've been here keeping me company
in your own quiet, unassuming way
through these most unusual holy days...

And I won't forget the sweet moments
when Christmas, this year, shone as bright as a star:
   cards with notes from friends far away,
   gifts to open on the 25th,
   a Christmas toast, shared over Zoom
and memories, Lord, so many
   memories of Christmas past,
   memories of loved ones now gone,
   memories of people, places and songs,
   memories to cherish deep in my heart,
   memories that come with smiles and tears,
   memories upon memories, each one born of love...
As I put away my manger and tree this year,
let me hold, let me keep, let me treasure
all these Christmas memories, Lord,
for each one brings you to birth in my heart,
each one is Christmas again...
Protect me, Lord, while I lie awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace.

Tonight's song is instrumental: background music for your
reflection and prayer over your Christmas memories, both
past and present - even if you took down your tree and your
decorations last week!
Away In A Manger from Pudding TV


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