Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/5


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I hope that graphic caught your eye!  Actually, Christmas began on Christmas Eve - but it's not over yet - not even with Epiphany!  On the church calendar, the Christmas season runs through this coming Sunday and the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  What I offer here for your prayerful attention is that the REAL WORK of Christmas is about to begin.  The text below is traced back to Howard Thurman.  Among a variety of interpretations online, here's my take on Thurman's words.  Let's pray...

When the song of the angels

     is stilled,

When the star in the sky

     is gone,

When the shepherds

     are back with their flocks,

When family and friends

     have gone home,

When the tree's

     been taken down,

When we're back

     on our regular schedules

THEN the work of Christmas begins...

To welcome the refugee,

To heal our planet,

To feed the hungry,

To set captives free,

To embrace the excluded,

To tear down walls,

To build bridges

To reverence life in all its forms,

To share our gifts,

To spread the wealth,

To work for justice,

To make peace,

And to bring Christ's light

     to the world…


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