NIGHT PRAYER: Ash Wednesday

What have you got in mind, Lord?
What are you up to?  What's your plan?
What do you want to do in my life this Lent?
Got some changes in store for me?
Some growing you want me to do?
Some unfinished business I need to wrap up?
I know I'm a work in progress, Lord,
and I know I'm your work in progress
so there's always something more to do,
something more to learn,
something more to change...

And I know you know that Lent has a way
of opening up my mind and my heart
and that you'll take advantage of every chance
to move me, lead me, guide me closer
to becoming the person you made me to be...
I don't know where you're leading me,
I'm not sure where we're going, Lord,
but I trust you know the path
and desire nothing but my peace
so I place my hand in yours this Lent
and say, "Show me the way!"

Protect me as I walk your path
and watch over me when I sleep, Lord,
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


(I can't think of a better song for us to pray as we set out on our Lenten journey. These lyrics are a marvelous mixture of the psalms and Thomas Merton, leading us to trust in  the Lord...
I Will Lift Up My Eyes by Tony Alonso

It is time for me to move from my shelter of safety

to sail as a pilgrim over the waves of the sea

It is time to be still and to seek the son of Mary

time to rest, time to leave behind my fears


And I will not fear the storm though it rages around me

for slowly I am learning to place my trust in you,

to forgive every hurt and to loosen every burden

to let go and to follow where you lead


I will lift my eyes to the mountains

from where shall come my help

My help shall come from the Lord

so I'll walk in the light of the path set before me

for I know your love will show me the way


Though I know you have prepared a path for me to follow

I'll never know for certain that I follow were you lead

Still I trust that my desire to please you will guide me

and I trust that you will keep me from harm


I may stumble, I may fall and get lost on the journey

and my path will surely lead me 

through the shadow of death

Yet I will not fear the storm for you are ever with me

never leaving me to face my fears alone




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