NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 3/25

You warm days finally come,
you windows opened wide,
you sunlight spilled upon the sill:
    bless and praise God's holy name!
You curtains all a'billow,
you breezes stealing in,
you soft, refreshing  showers:
    bless and praise God's holy name!

You sprouts and buds and blossoms,
you leaves upon the branch, 
you blades of grass a'greening:
    bless and praise God's holy name!

You well tuned sounds of springtime,
choirs of crickets, birds and frogs,
you songs of new life rising:
   bless and praise God's holy name!

You that live and breathe and grow,
you that rise and flow and flower,
you that bear the Spirit's kiss:
    bless and praise God's holy name! 

Keep watch o'er all creation, Lord,
as March fades into April
and keep me safe, in sleep, tonight
'til peace, with morning, dawns...

(Two options for music this evening: the first is a short,  fun song
to lift your spirits and bring a smile; the second is a reflective,
instrumental piece, accompaniment for your personal prayer...) 
For a springtime smile!
To accompany your own quiet prayer...

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